Welcome to Alumni of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

This site is dedicated to all our alumni/ae of the 144 years of the College’s existence, and especially to all of you who have distinguished yourselves in the various fields of human endeavour and thereby made a significant contribution to society!

St. Xavier’s College is not only proud of you but would also like to acknowledge your contribution. We would also feel privileged to be in contact with you, to tell you all about St. Xavier’s College – Autonomous, in the 21st Century – our dreams, plans and achievements.

An institution of excellence cannot any longer be an island unto itself and with the great resource that our alumni are, spread across the world, we are aware of the tremendous possibilities for networking, in our efforts to take St. Xavier’s College forward. Our effort is to give a world-class higher education to our students, right here on our shores. We have a competent and committed faculty, we draw the best students from all over India and with a great Jesuit tradition of excellence in higher education, this is not just a dream.

So we invite you to collaborate with your alma mater and help us at St. Xavier’s College, to form men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Come and visit!


We are pleased to present the latest edition of  “The Xavierite” – Alumni Newsletter